Monday, March 28, 2011

New Projects/ Old Projects Time Management

Hello once again. I have been neglectful to my blog. Not on purpose mind you, but partially due to illness and partially due to I was working on projects. Not to mention dealing with the drama partially grown young adult children on their own bring.

work area in my bedroom before it was finished
Fabric postcard to my mom

Welding cap I made for my ex husband
the drama in my life
fabric ATC

"Roses for Momma" is still a work in progress as it undergoes many changes every time I work with it.  I have worked on the project I disliked and now I really like it. I have made artist trading cards for a trade. I am working on a one of a kind art doll by hand. I don't know if I am up for a big project now. But I sure do like all of the small projects I have made. I am also making a small zippered makeup bag.

I am very poor at time management. But I am getting better at it. In order to accomplish what I want to and to be able to do more with my time I have to set goals every day to accomplish one thing. Pretty bad for a new artist, but I can see what I want only I get easily distracted by other other things. For instance, if I go looking for thread in a box I may be delayed for a coupled of hours because I found something else I had been searching for weeks ago and now can't remember where I put the rest of it. I have two sewing areas one main work area is in my bedroom with my bed facing my desk and my look at my design wall. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and sew. My second area is a corner in the dining room. I currently have three machines two singers and a brothers. All of them basic models. I store my supplies in plastic see through containers on or under my desk and in my walk in desk. I have one tub downstairs to keep everything neat and tidy.

Sewing time is not the issue. It seems to be knowing what to write in my blog. I am not sure what to write. What does one write about? Hi today I highlighted some of the roses I am using in the project "Rose for Momma." I plan on highlighting more tomorrow. I can't keep my arms bent for long period of time or the ring and pinky fingers go numb. Not much fun because on top of the numbness there is tingling and pricking. And my elbow and shoulders begin to hurt.  

Take away my art take away my life.