Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cottage Hill: Dog Silhouette Pillow

Cottage Hill: Dog Silhouette Pillow

I am Still Working

Some days I don't want to move. Even though I know I have to. I recently had a seizure that pushed me backwards, but I am doing much better. My mind is going in so many directions, and there are so many ideas simmering in my brain I wonder if I have time to complete them all. Surprise! If I do a little bit each day sometimes I accomplish a whole project in a few hours before I start hurting. Life is not always kind, but you can make it happy if you want to.

I have recently been working on my art dolls. I have also been going with my neighbor to a ceramic shop because she also needs to get out and have a hobby. So more paint. More fun. Go to Love It!

These are my pieces. No not a new hobby I just like painting. There is no way I will ever give up fabric.

Have a beautiful day full of love and peace

Dorothy Sullenberger-Kingsley

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joined New Online Groups

I joined a couple of groups on yahoo. I hope to learn more from them, and learn more about the process of my art. I know I have the raw talent but it is getting it out and and expressing it.

I need to quit being afraid of what people may or may not think. I just need to do and enjoy creative art forms. As I have always loved sewing and designing, it was just natural for me to finally start creating fabric art. Art dolls with art costumes, fabric artist trading card, inchies, art quilts, etc. For me and to me art is in the eye of the beholder. What I like someone else may not. This is okay. Art is to be enjoyed not be afraid of. If I continue to be afraid of the beautiful things I see in my minds eye, no one else will ever get a chance to decide if they like them or not. I guess that made up my mind.

                  Current Projects

Summer Pin Swap 
Amulet Bag    half way there
Roses for Momma
The No Name Piece
Art Doll (Being pieced by hand)
Finish Challenge Piece
Rope Coasters
Cell Phone Case and Make Up Bag added a Eye Glass Case  done
Plus Size Inches  done

These are in no particular order as I am working on ALL of then at one time. That way if I get bored with one piece I can always go to the next. I enjoy coming up with projects, I just need to finish them. That whole time management thing.

Wishing Everyone A Beautiful Day
Dorothy Sullenberger-Kingsley