Friday, May 20, 2011

I Am Moving

Memi and I are getting ready to move to Tennessee in late June. Since the middle of April Memi and I have experienced some changes in our lives. I am sad to leave Pennsylvania, but I am looking forward to my new life in Tennessee. Memi will adjust in time as long as she has her mommie and her sleeping bag in her chair. 

As I pack though, I get tired easy, sooo......
I have tried to work on some projects. I haven't made much headway as my table keeps getting buried and buried again. I am hoping that this weekend I can devote to working on my projects, and not so much packing. I have been acting like I was leaving the last of May.

Back of my cell phone case sized for Black Berry

Front of the Case this has a matching Eye Glass Case and Make Up Bag

This is to go on the front of an Amulet Bag for a swap

Moon Dottie Doll Design by Me

Miss Memi

Miss Memi and her friend Toby play tug-o-war

Inchies for swap

Inchies for Swap

Decorated Corsage Pins for a Swap

Hopefully I will post again before I move. Memi says I will. So in all good spirit, and with all joy. Have a beautiful and blessed day. Happy crafting everyone.


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