Monday, November 7, 2011

I Am Moved In

I am moved in, and finally started working on projects again. Not without issues. Half of my things are still packed and in the garage, but that is okay. This will truly give me an idea of what I don't need, or what I need to replace. I discovered I had more fat quarters, cuts of fabric, than I had of fabric. Some of them are totally random. What was I thinking?

Anyway, want a peek at what I am working on. I will let you see if you promise not tell.

Silk daisy going on scarf.  The center is beaded.

A Christmas Present. Can you guess what it is?

Moon Dottie doll hand painted made to hold form.

Purple second spay on a silk scarf.  The results are divine!

A star Dotee doll I made for a trade.

Not Done. It's a Christmas Present! Needs borders and quilting.


So really I have been trying to work. I hope you like the work.

By the way I LOVE Tennessee

Happy Crafting and Keep Smiling 

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