Monday, April 2, 2012

New Day

It is spring and so new beginnings are coming. For me it will be a continuation with new additions. I have decided to work on my type of art with a twist. I am writing tutorials, I am going to be adding my some guest artists on occasions, I will have a new web site to be announced here when I am up. I am blessed because my brother has his own server and my sister in law and he both know a lot web design, internet etc. I know the sewing and business end. Both of them are crafters also.

I am asking that all quilters, crafts people, jewelers, etc learn how to get along. Learn how to share your craft. I feel that this genre has become so nasty. After reading many blogs lately people are attacking other for getting our ideas out in the public. Here is the deal If you don't want your ideas out there don't post them. Plain and simple. How many computers do you think they are on? The surface design issue, please what does Moda fabric and Kate Spain expect.  As far as completely new designs how many are there really? Go back and look and look at older designs, quilt, fabric, art, clothing, etc. Just my humble opinion.


         Have a beautiful day!

Hugs Dorothy

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