Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Group Trade

I joined a group on Yahoo called FiberArt Traders, really cool group of ladies. The first trade I joined was "Once There Was A Snowman PSI Trade."

Inchie is 1inch x 1 inch, a Plus Size Inchie or PSI is 1 1/2 inchies x 1 1/2 inchies, and a Twinchie is 2 inches x 2 inches. So got the definitions. They are called other names as I have found out. But they are little gems no matter.

The trade was to make 5 snowmen, each consisting of 4 separate inchies, hat, head, tummy, bottom. Basically 20 psi's. I keep one complete snowman for myself and send four off to new homes and get four in return. Pretty cool huh.

Sounds all well in good if you know what an inchie is and how to make one. I had seen these marvelous little wonders, but how to make them? Off to the world wide web I went. Surely there would be someone out there who could show me how these little gem are created. I found a few, looked at even more. Discovered a lot of things you can do with inchies. A great idea for those left over snip its. I finally found a tutorial. wouldn't work for what I was doing, even though it gave me the general idea of how to make the gems. So I took the basics and made them my own.  Isn't that what art is, taking the basics and making it your own? So in no time I had my little snow people out partying. 
Don't they look like they are having fun.

So now after I had done all the trial and error, trust me with a sewing machine that just straight stitches and zig-zags, no fancy computer button to set stitch length and all that those edges were a trick. I think I got them though. The moment of truth came when I posted them to the site. Would anyone like them? I sure hoped so. Well I hope they find happy homes because I had fun making them. I can't wait to get mine. 



  1. They are so cute. Inchies, wow are they time consuming. I love them.

  2. No you do them all at one time then embellish.