Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Would like some feed back

painted fabric  
Okay this really needs help. I haven't quilted it yet. The piece is about 9" by 12"  it kind of reminds me of left brain right brain conflict or rough seas. I am not unhappy enough to dump it, yet not happy enough to continue with it. Not sure what to do. Yet I know if I set it aside I won't get back to it for a long time. Any ideas?



  1. Dorothy. it's not that BAD! LOL, you critize yourself too much! you can always frame it with fabric using the colors you like the most!

  2. you have obviously looked at it too long. The colors and composition are fine. It needs texture which is where the quilting will come in. Then step back and look at it again. Other things can be added for dimension OR if you totally don't like it for that reason, then slice it up and reposition it to weave it or make it into mosaic pieces which can be done before or after it is quilted to discover something more serendipity like.

  3. I agree with the others. It has nice color and composition. How about adding some texture with hand stitching and embellishing? Maybe some scattered seed stitches or french knots, maybe some beading with little sparkly seed beads? I would love to see it evolve!

  4. Use it as a background and applique textural elements on top. Nice color. The elements will create unity to the piece.