Monday, November 8, 2010

Today little new work was done

I got up this morning thinking I was going to finish one cloth doll and get a good start on three more. No such luck, the Memi struck. i had to go out this morning and while I was away the little darling jumped up in the chair, onto the sewing table, and helped herself to coffee and a new toy. Well it was a toy to her, just not to me when I came back and saw her laying on living room floor faceless. So that left me ripping apart a doll that just needed embellishment. Oh well gives me the chance to improve her anyway. I was looking at her and not liking the way she looked. She was missing something or I needed to do something different with her. So all is well that ends well.
I did get three others cut out. And the fabric chosen for another. All of these dolls are relatively easy art dolls. The embellishments are harder to choose than making the doll is. I will spend time this evening working on my dolls and reading blogs. And writing some instructions to a few projects to appear in future blogs. 

I have put a gadget on the side of my blog for ovarian cancer. I know that some people can find all these things annoying. But did you know Ovarian Cancer is one of the most under funded cancers out there. It is also the most deadliest in women today. It strikes young women without warning. Someone special to me has ovarian cancer and I want to do this little thing to help her.


  1. Yeah! I am the first to post and follow! Love your quilts and projects via slide show!

    Memi is just being a critic! lol I have cats that do things like that too. Just when we think we are our own worst critics, we find another far worse! LOL

    My grandmother died of ovarian cancer, so I well know the dangers. Hope your friend is able to recover. Hugs and prayers to all of those that have to endure this disease.

  2. Lucky me to be the first to comment!

    Bless your friend as she goes through this horrible disease. Healing hugs and prayers. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer, so I well know the seriousness.

    Hope you haven't strung Memi up or stuffed like the doll. I guess he was just acting out the critic! lol

  3. oops! I guess the first posting did come through! OH well, looks like you have lots of fans and they are triplets! LOL

  4. The projects aren't mine I haven't figured out how to get my pics up yet and I have to round them up from various discs. They are from Flicker and are from the Keyword Quilt. Thank you for stopping by Dorothy