Friday, December 10, 2010

Really I Have Been Hard At Work

My last trade was a Christmas Doll trade. I made three six-inch dolls. An angel, an icicle doll, and a friendship doll. Each one has varying degrees of difficulty yet are fun to make and I had not made them in many years. I had forgot how much fun I had making dolls.
For the icicle doll I used a dark blue tone on tone snow flake material to make the body which is nothing more than a carrot shape. I sewed in funky yard at the top to represent hair as I was making the body. Then I molded a face with a mold a clay and painted it to match the material. I made arms from blue glass beads and one 6mm roundel bead in the center to represent hands. I put beads down the side to make it look like icicles and at the bottom I made tiny icicles.                   
The friendship doll is a Jill Maas pattern. I have always adored her patterns, if you have a chance look them up. The doll is simple to make. I think the hardest part about it this time was the head. I want to make a few more for some friends who went crazy over her. I didn't use velvet I used cotton this time. I used white cord sewn down with gold colored thread around her face. She has a purple heart, beading above her head, cross stitch, gold cord, flower ribbon held down by little beads.I drew her face on also.


  1. Your dolls are wonderful and so colorful. I am always amazed at the variety of art dolls I see on blogs. I have never tried it.

  2. Thank you Judy. Oh you must once you do you will be hooked.

  3. Dorothy your dolls are lovely...isn't it so easy to get hooked on them....take care.