Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just In Time

I did it! Just in time to. I finished the stocking. The stocking is snow white beaded with size 10/0 gold beads and 11/0 silver beads and I made my stars from various size beads and tacked them down to the stocking when I was finished with the other beading, considering I have had a few falls and had a bad one last night I was surprised I finished at all.  Now as I am writing this blog I am noticing things wrong. I wanted a very simple, yet elegant stocking. I did not want an over decorated stocking. I wanted it simple to match my tree.

I have a snowman wall hanging, a wall hanging for my brother, three or four art quilts, and of course the piece that looks at me every day and says "I will be here when you are ready." All of these plus doctors waiting for me. I think I might find something to occupy my time.

When I am making my art I am taken to another place. Where I don't have to worry about doctor appointments, or getting sick, or having seizures or being in pain. I am free. If I want to put a crazy color or a embellish softly on a heavy fabric, I can. I am the one in control. Not the diseases. 

I was recently diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy to go along with Epilepsy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Please understand by no means is my life ruled by my illness. I try very hard to rule them, sometimes I win, sometimes it goes the other way. My God willing I will wake tomorrow and it will be a good day and I will accomplish more than I did today. 

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  1. Hi! Lovely stocking!
    Thank you so much for coming to my blog....Your 'critique' of my quilt is very much appreciated!
    It is a pleasure to know that someone likes it as much as I do!
    I will keep my eye on you!
    Great to meet you!